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Adventure Game Pack Volume 1 (Aura 2, Dead Reefs, Safecracker) [PC]

Image of Adventure Game Pack Volume 1 (Aura 2, Dead Reefs, Safecracker) [PC]

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You must protect the Sacred Rings and return them to the Keepers The only ones who will be able to watch over them The fate of the Sacred Rings and Mankind lies in your hands One stormy evening while on a fateful mission to a neighboring island an ancient order of monks decided to set anchor on Dead Reefs to take refuge only to fall victim to the vile pirates led by the corrupt island ruler Baron DeSantra Since that fateful night a horrifying madness has been infecting the minds of the island residents resulting in a murder every nine years Believing that the massacre of the monks had cursed their island the residents ended their pirating ways but the deaths continued!

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