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New businesses are flourishing bringing financial strength and political influence to a growing economy However life in the narrow overpopulated alleyways and streets of the towns also has its downsides epidemics and diseases are spreading and thieves and highwaymen lie in wait to get their piece of the wealth Now you can try your hand in these exciting times of change Will you head down the path of an honest craftsman or a dubious priest? It's your choice Features - New breed of real-life simulation combining elements of economic simulation real-time strategy and role-play in a fascinating innovative waySet up your own family dynasty and take one of 12 different career pathsMaximize your influence and power with over 30 different offices and 72 office ranksExplore four historic towns - each with a population of over 500 computerized citizens Intuitive and easy-to-use interface Seasons and historical events influence game play Choose from free-play or mission-based play Up to seven players-either computer or human-on a (LAN) network

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