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What if? Relive the 2 World Wars or remake history! Aggression Reign Over Europe gives players the chance of rewriting the darkest events in the history of the old continent Between years 1914 and 1950 every women and men became drawn into the most horrible wars humankind suffered - now there is a chance to make things different This game pushes the limits of real-time strategy thanks to a graphic engine supporting hundreds of detailed units in action at the same time a full 3D scenario where every building is constructed in detail based on hundreds of polygons with stunning graphics and special effects Choose your side - Germany France Russia or England - and become the most powerful force on the continent cleverly using diplomacy as well as your powerful army The chance to rewrite history has never been so challenging!Play an extensive campaign that spans both the First and the Second World War as you choose to either replay or rewrite history Fight your battles on the tactical maps and control your ever expanding empire on the strategic map where you control diplomacy science and industry all in real-time Choose your own play style Play as a diplomat and create profitable trade agreements with your allies push science to gain a technological edge over your opponents or play as a war mongering general and use your military forces to take control over Europe You can even choose to play as a Nazi-governed England or a democratic Germany Choose from over 200 historical characters to use in your campaign and assign them freely to different classes - eg make Albert Einstein a spy to infiltrate your enemies!Explosive real-time tactical battles with completely destroyable surroundings and realistic phisics engine

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