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Image of Penguins Of Madagascar [Wii]

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Super spy teams aren&39;t bornthey&39;re hatched! Worldwide video game publisher Little Orbit has entered into a licensing agreement with DreamWorks Animation to bring the Penguins of Madagascar exclusively to Nintendo platforms In the game players will be able to live the life of an elite penguin spy on the Nintendo Wii U Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS The four web-footed operatives Skipper Kowalski Rico and Private uncover a nefarious plot by the evil octopus Dave (Dr Octavious Brine) to destroy the penguin world as we know it Players will travel to top-secret locales and embark on covert missions to thwart Dave’s evil plans Players will be able to play as the four penguins and instantly swap between them depending on the situation encountered For example Rico a demolitions expert loves to blow things to smithereens while Skipper can dish out his stun slap to give enemy octopi high-powered smackdowns! Players can solve puzzles by choosing the penguin whose natural skills are best suited for the task

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